Process of Additions

Our process of Quoting Additions, Remodeling, Basement finishes

We set up a meeting at your home. We take digital pictures of the house or of the area to be remodeled. We then take measurements of the house inside and out, locate all windows, doors, kitchens, baths and basements. Of course it depends on the project how much information we need to take.

We then listen to you as to what goals you are trying to achieve with the project. If there is an obstacle we notice in your plan we try to let you know right away during this meeting. So we can come up with another solution to achieve your projects goals.

We then take all the information of your home and what you want to do back to our office and work on the drawings. We draw the house or the area as is now. Then we start adding the addition or changing for the remodel. Once we have these plans done, we then email them to you for your review and for any comments you might have. We then make any changes at this point. The plans come with measurements and sizes, and elevations of the exterior. This way you can see how the addition would look on your existing home. We can do interior elevations also if there is and interior remodel or a basement finish happening. We don’t begin any pricing until you are comfortable with the plans. This way you will know what you will be getting for the quote we give you. I always like to say in the beginning I will design your project but in the end you will done a lot of it yourself.

We have in the past drawn a few custom homes, when clients could not find exactly what they were looking for. And we can do this same system to adjust plans you may have found, but might need a few tweaks.

We offer this service for free, with our free estimates. We understand not everyone is visual, and pictures are easier understood.