"We are thrilled with our new addition... The quality of the finished product is wonderful."
George & Lesley Finney, Lancaster, PA

"Our experience with Stephen Black Builders proved that we made the right choice for our extensive remodel. Thanks, Stephen Black Builders. We love our "new" home!"
Michael and Krista Marino

"....The end result was a customized home that meets all our needs. Our working relationship with Stephen Black Builders was so strong that we did not even consider other builders for the additional projects. We encourage others who are looking for great service to choose Stephan Black Builders."

"....we did commission Stephen Black to finish our basement and 2 years later to add an addition on to our house. We would recommend Stephen Black for new construction or remodeling in a heart beat."
Beverly and Daron Riley

"Stephen Black's employees and subcontractors were considerate, did excellent work, and were thoroughly professional in every way. We are very happy with our new addition and with Stephen Black."
Wesley R. Kelso

"The quality and workmanship in the entire house is excellent. We would highly recommend Stephen Black Builders Inc to anyone. We would be happy to answer any questions that anyone would have relative to their work. "
Cal & Lill Hartman

"I would certainly recommend you to anyone contemplating renovations to a property or purchasing a new home. With Stephen Black Builders, as the builder, one can be assured of quality and customer satisfaction."
Thaddeus Sampson

One need only see the before and after renovation photos to appreciate the metamorphosis that took place. The workmanship is excellent, the house doubled in value and the project was done on time.

Thank you Stephen Black and team.
Frank and Debra Vendetti

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